Public Comments Without Sufficient Knowledge = Hot Air

I can’t even begin to express my outrage at John Kasich for his comments about public education in Ohio.  As a parent of three high performing students in the Mason City School District, I can speak without reservation to the non-dilapidated nature of the educational experiences they receive on a daily basis.  As a Superintendent for Batavia Local Schools, I also get a chance to see first hand the care with which my teachers prepare experiences for students to be successful in a future that will look very different and one that requires new sets of skills.  Given the Governor’s lack of presence inside of K-12 buildings, I openly question how he is qualified to make such an egregiously erroneous statement.

He (John Kasich) called Ohio’s K-12 education system “dilapidated” and said it’s training people on a model designed over 100 years ago. (Source: Focus Education, January 12, 2017)

After three years of writing on the topic of educational accoutability (and feeling thoroughly discouraged at the continued assault on public education and the effort to unbundle and privatize a public good), I’m going to devote some energy to sharing other voices I read whose mindset and worldview on public education is the same.

The Real Crisis in Education:An Open Letter to the Department of Education