Setting Proficient Indicator Levels for Ohio’s 15-16 Report Card

As we are still awaiting part 2 of the 14-15 local report card at the end of February 2016, it’s important to keep in mind that the 2015-2016 version is right around the corner with a tentative September 2016 release date.  One of the jobs the State Board still has in front of it is setting the proficient or better percentage to meet individual test indicators for the 15-16 report card.  In a report to the State Board Accountability Committee, ODE is recommending a 50% elevator methodology for the 15-16 school year, with a return to and 80% threshold in the 16-17 school year.  As the AIR tests are brand new this year in ELA and Math, I believe that ODE should stick with the 14-15 methodology for one more year before proceeding with increasing the rates.  Below is part of an email I sent to several State Board members on this issue:

In reading the minutes of the Accountability Committee, I wanted to raise a concern I have with ODE’s proposed indicator percentages for the 2015-2016 report card:

Update Report Card Indicators

Woolard reported the committee needs to set new performance targets for the AIR tests for the 2015-16 School Year report card.  This committee and the state board decided to look at the statewide percentage and set targets for each test based on the statewide percentage.  Target percentages were lowered during testing transition, and the idea was to get back to 80% beyond 2014-15.  Woolard presented a table with the recommended targets for 36 assessments in grades 3-11.  ODE’s recommendation is to split the difference for 2015-16 and set each test target for the percentage that is midway between the 2014-15 approved target and 80%, which is the desired target for 2016-17.  Committee members requested more data before setting the targets.

Just a quick thought about this.  In 14-15 the indicator percentage was set at the state proficient or better rate for each new PARCC and AIR assessment.

As we once again have brand new assessments in grades 3 – 10 in both ELA and Math with AIR, I would urge consideration of the following:

  • Set the indicator percentage for any brand new AIR assessments at the State proficient or better rate for 15-16.
  • Increase the rate to half way between the 15-16 percentage and 80% for the 16-17 school year.
  • Finalize the move to an 80% proficient or better rate for the 17-18 school year.

Any assessments that are in their second year during 15-16 (science and social studies) could follow Dr. Woolard’s plan (in red above), and the junior year OGTs could remain at 85%.

This plan will allow for a return to the 80% level within three years while still allowing for the same year one flexibility that was afforded when students took the PARCC exams for the first time.