Ohio’s ‘Too Many Cooks In The Education Kitchen’ Problem

The paragraph below is from the January 15th Edition of Focus Education published by Hannah News Service.  As an educational leader who is responsible for the progress of my district, it effectively sums up why education in Ohio feels so incredibly difficult.  The disconnect between those who make policy and those who have to implement it has never been wider in this state (which is why the return to local control movement is so important: http://corkyocallaghan.com/make-a-difference/)

Explaining that the state of Ohio currently has “three different organizations creating education policy,” Ohio Board of Education President Tom Gunlock went on to characterize the “current governance structure as simply not working” in a presentation Thursday before the Ohio ConstitutionalModernizations Commission’s (OCMC) Education, Public Institutions and LocalGovernment Committee. The committee is currently studying Article VI, Sec. 4 which creates the State Board of Education. “I believe it is ridiculous to think for one minute that the Ohio Department of Education or individual school districts can be successful with this many bosses, competing priorities and agendas. Remember, primary and secondary education in Ohio is a $20 billion a year operation with children’s futures at stake. It’s difficult to imagine any organization being successful under those conditions,” he added, making clear he was speaking for himself and not the state board.